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Armored Courier

Cactus Network’s sister company, TechPro Armored Security is a full-service cash in transit and service provider for all your cash replenishment and ATM maintenance requirements. Our armored couriers employ a range of security measures to protect the items we transport. This typically includes armored vehicles equipped with bullet-resistant glass, reinforced bodies, and advanced security systems. Our couriers are highly trained and experienced in security protocols to minimize the risk of theft or loss.

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Our Service Offerings Include:

Cash-In-Transit Services

Branch, Federal Reserve, and vault cash services. Tech Pro Armored delivers secure, on-time cash-in-transit, with all shipments covered by a comprehensive loss prevention insurance program. Scheduled, unscheduled and emergency cash replenishment and ATM balancing. Tech Pro Armored Security provides fast and accurate settlement and reconciliation.

First Line Maintenance (FLM)

Tech Pro Armored Security's first-line maintenance support ensures minimum ATM downtime. Our trained, manufacturer certified messengers deliver fast, reliable, and complete service, eliminating the need for outside service companies.

Second Line Maintenance (SLM)

Tech Pro’s Service division offers comprehensive second line and preventative maintenance (PM) services for all major ATM manufacturers. Our manufacturer trained and certified technicians deliver service and repairs on the first visit or the next call is free!

Single Source Advantage

Tech Pro Armored Security’s comprehensive integrated services eliminates the confusion, communication and coordination with multiple ATM service providers. We simplify your business by taking responsibility for your entire ATM portfolio. From cash replenishment to maintenance and repairs, Tech Pro Armored Security is your single source provider.


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