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Financial Institution Branding

Branded ATMs strategically amplify brand presence and enhance customer experience. Branded ATMs serve as powerful touchpoints that consistently reinforce your company's identity, fostering stronger brand awareness and recognition among customers. By providing a familiar and cohesive experience, these ATMs cultivate customer loyalty and trust, as individuals associate your brand with seamless and reliable financial services. Moreover, branded ATMs can potentially generate additional revenue and offer invaluable insights into customer behavior for targeted marketing efforts. This investment not only sets the company apart from competitors but also expands its physical reach, positioning it for growth while providing customers with convenient access to cash and digital services.

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Why Branded ATMs?

  • Increase overall brand visibility and awareness without the purchase, processing, maintenance, armored courier and other recurring expenses.

  • Strengthen and build member loyalty by providing ATM services they expect.

  • Enhance your member service by offering easy, convenient access to additional ATMs without surcharge.

  • Create a positive brand association with every successful member transaction, building trust, confidence and overall satisfaction.

  • Provide the expanding number of virtual members with ATM access to meet the growing demand for e-banking.

  • Rollout efficient way to augment your physical delivery channel and increase reach to serve more members of your communities.


  • Expand your footprint into new high visibility, high traffic areas immediately increasing visibility

  • Reach today’s time-stressed consumers and move them from potential clients to members through a low-cost access point

  • Increase member retention

  • Demonstrate your stability and long-term presence

  • Acquire members at a lower cost than owning ATMs

  • Provide increased service to your members

  • Save money over the cost of owning and maintaining and ATM network

Advertising Options

Having the your brand's logo prominently displayed on ATMs with a customized ATM wrap, topper and screens create a powerful branding engine that retains and attracts new members.  Advertise your products and services on more than the ATM through:

  • Complete custom wrap (both sides, lower cabinet and topper designed to fit each ATM)

  • Three rotating customized welcome screens and two transaction marketing screens

  • Branded logo receipt header

  • Additional signage depending on location type (i.e. gas pump topper advertising, promotional inserts attached to ATM, customized roadside reader board signage, etc.) upon approval from location owner

What We Provide

  • Cash dispense ATMs at selected Cactus Network locations 

  • Cash in transit (armored courier) services

  • First (FLM) and Second Line Maintenance (SLM), to include parts replacement

  • Online transaction monitoring, reporting and tracking

  • Initial and continued remote uploads of your brand's marketing screens

  • TCP/IP Network connection through the location or wireless communications

  • Install custom branded wrap and topper insert


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