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Managed Services

Save Time & Money with Cactus Network’s Managed Services Program! ATMs are critical to the success of your financial institution. Account holders expect immediate access to their money — no matter where they are — 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. While your members/customers may take ATMs for granted, owning and operating a fleet of ATMs is expensive and time consuming. Whether it’s replenishing cash or replacing receipt paper, fixing broken parts or processing transactions, ATMs consume your staff’s time and resources. And, as we recently saw with the ADA and EMV requirements, upgrading or replacing older ATMs can be expensive.


Cactus Network’s Managed Services Program is a great option for financial institutions looking to reduce ATM operating expenses, eliminate the hassle of ATM operations, reduce staff time dedicated to your ATM fleet and still provide your account holders with in-branch and off-premise ATM locations. Cactus Network handles the installation, cash management, and ATM maintenance from start to finish. The only things you need to provide are a place to put the ATM and an outlet to plug it into!



Eliminate Regulatory Compliance Hassles

As part of our Managed Services program, Cactus Network delivers on all regulatory challenges. You never have to worry about upgrading or replacing aging or non-compliant ATMs to meet the newest network compliance mandates.

Stay Up-To-Date with the Latest Technology

Cactus Network takes care of all software upgrades and will upgrade or replace older machines if necessary to meet the latest regulatory mandates.

Save Time & Money

With Cactus Network’s managed services program, you eliminate dedicated staff to your ATMs and we provide you the same great level of service your members/customers expect. All done at a fraction of the cost of operating an in-house operation.

Improve Member/Customer Service

Cactus Network’s Managed Services program frees up your staff’s time so they can concentrate on member/customer service and selling your products and services.

Increase ATM Footprint & Brand Awareness

Need an ATM to serve your account holders in a location where you don’t have a branch? No problem. Cactus Network has many off-premise locations available in areas where your members/customers live, work and do business. Through our Managed Services program your account holders can have access to these ATMs surcharge-fee. And, many of them are available for branding to help you increase ATM footprint & brand awareness. Looking to test a new area/location, Cactus Network will deploy a custom branded ATM, specifically tailored to your institution.

Benefits of Managed Services





A Cactus Network ATM dispenses over $60,000 per month, which means that money is spent at YOUR location

Research indicates that up to 40%
of the funds withdrawn from an ATM will be spent in that same store

How Our Managed Services Program Works

Ownership of ATMs

Through our ATM Managed Services program, we purchase and manage your ATMs. Or if you prefer to retain ownership, we can take over the management and maintenance of your ATM fleet.

Upgrading/Replacing ATMs to Meet Regulatory Changes

When new compliance regulations mandates are required, Cactus Network will upgrade terminals to meet them or replace older machines that may be obsolete.

Terminal Driving

Never worry about authorizing, processing or settlement of ATM transactions again. Cactus Network takes care of all of this for you through our Managed Services program.

Maintenance & Replacement of Supplies

Full operational support of the terminals including replacing supplies such as receipt paper, compliance stickers, and repairs are included in our Managed Services program. 

Monitoring & Reporting

Through our ATM Managed Services Program, we provide complete ATM monitoring and immediate technician dispatch when necessary. This ensures maximum ATM up-time is achieved while delivering your account holders the same great service they expect.

ATM Vault Cash

Want to provide ATM vault cash and fill your in-branch ATMs yourself? No problem. We can customize a program to accommodate or will provide this service for your financial institution.

Cash Management

Cactus Network provides all cash forecasting, ordering and scheduling of cash replenishment.

Reg E Claims

Because Cactus Network manages the ATMs your account holders use — whether you chose to retain ownership or select our cash management, we provide the customer support, adjustment and/or chargeback filing and verification for all Reg E claims. Eliminate ATM journal retrieval all together.


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