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Surcharge Free Network

Cactus Network understands the continuously changing products and services within the financial institution industry. As your financial institution continues to grow, the need for more trusted, recognized surcharge-free access points become critical for member/customer acquisition and retention.  Cactus Network empowers your team to be more strategic, efficient and effective, through a Surcharge-Free ATM Branding Program. Cactus Network is a leading independent provider of ATMs and related services that help you build value for your members/customers. Enhance your current level of service through branding opportunities at Cactus Network ATMs.


Expanding Your Brand

ATMs are becoming increasingly important as a branding and member acquisition tool for traditional and non-traditional financial service providers. Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) have deployed many ATMs outside of traditional bank settings. Also, some ISOs have merged with financial institutions in an effort to extend their banking reach at a nominal cost and entice retailers into new strategic alliances. Having an ATM presence can help financial institutions make gains in a marketplace.


Today's financial industry is undergoing changes and experiencing challenges as never before. Members expect to save time and money and are demanding services that are both convenient and economical. Competition for market share and the consolidation trend by large financial institutions creates an uncertain future and increases pressure to provide services at reduced costs.

Benefits of a Surcharge Free Network

ATMs that offer users the convenience of withdrawing cash without incurring any additional fees. We develop a widespread network of ATMs that are accessible to a broader range of customers. By joining a surcharge-free network, individuals can use ATMs within the network without being charged extra fees on top of their regular transaction costs, regardless of whether they are customers of the ATM owner's institution. This initiative aims to provide greater convenience and cost savings to customers while promoting financial inclusivity by expanding the availability of fee-free ATMs in various locations.


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